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Busy Summer!

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

As I finally have a day off, I think it is time to update my blog with some of the places I've been, and the groups I've welcomed. Mid-June saw the marvellous Maggie Norton yoga group come to Dunkeld. We had a great week exploring the East of Scotland, including some places I don't get to as often as I would like - I love it when visitors go off the beaten track. Amongst the highlights of a packed week were a walk to The Hermitage in Dunkeld. Slightly dreich weather, but one of the few days we had to don our waterproofs!

At St Andrew's we visited the Castle, and the old mine and counter-mine dating back to the 16th Century seige. Crawling through the tunnel when you're my height is not good for claustrophobics! The view over to West Sands, used in the iconic beach scene in Chariots of Fire, helped get pulse back to normal before we explored the side streets, spotting the clay cat chasing clay rat on old cottage roof.

We also managed to fit in a quick visit to Falkland Palace's royal tennis court

Balmoral Castle, the Queen's home in the Highlands got a visit, with a small detour to visit Diarmid's Grave, a stone circle in Glenshee.

A visit to Stirling is always fun, and I celebrated with some turmeric scones from the fabulous Aran Bakery in Dunkeld (quality tested by myself, just in case it was a bad batch!). King's Knot provided a short stop-off en route to the main event!

On Midsummers Day we took full advantage of the long day with a full day. We visited beautiful Pitlochry, before heading to the lovely village of Fortingall with its thatched cottaged, the Fortingall yew (UK's oldest tree - possibly 5000 years old), and the Croft Moraig stone circle.

This was followed by a fabulous evening at the amazing Crannog Centre, a recreated iron-age settlement. There was traditional music, an opportunity to whittle whistles, and even to make fire withoput matches! we held an impromptu ceilidh, and basically had a ball!

On the last day we stopped off at the Kelpies to finish what was a great week. Haste ye back!

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