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Merry Christmas

Can't believe it's almost Christmas! I've been too busy over the summer to keep my blog going - New Year resolution for 2020! Now finding the time to do some tidying up, and upload some more photos on the visitors photos page, and record some more of your very kind feedback! Please look at the photos and feedback - new stuff at the bottom!

This has been a fantastic season, with so many great guests and fabulous trips. Lots of memorable  individuals, but also some fun extended tours, allowing me to move beyond the Edinburgh area, and get out into the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and down to Ayrshire.  So many wonderful people, and I'd love to name check you all, but you know who you are!

I am regularly updating my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, and over the winter will drop in some of my favourite photos - watch out for your photo appearing there.

It's such a privilege  to be able to share my passion for this country with visitors, and share some of or fantastic stories.  Whilst I still have a few jobs lined up over the winter, I am also catching up on some reading and research for next year- if you're a return visitor, I can promise some new stories! I've also got approximately 10 weeks of bookings over next summer, so if you're thinking of booking, please get in touch. 

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas period, and a well-travelled New Year! Please keep in touch.

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